First Look at Daredevil TV Show! And A New American Horror Story Star!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Check out a new trailer for Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem. A new pair of writers have joined Ant-Man. Emily Mortimer's in talks to play a CIA team leader in Spectral. Plus, Halle Barry talks pregnancy in Extant, and we try to figure out who Elizabeth Mitchell's playing in Once Upon a Time. Spoilers now!


Top image: Extant

Guardians of the Galaxy

Director James Gunn compares the film to a Nirvana song:

For me, making this movie is a bit like making a Nirvana song — it's slow and long, then big and fast, then slow, then fast. I really like going from really small to really big. So we have some long takes, and we have some other scenes with lots of fast cuts. Both are important. It's a very cinematic film, and that's exciting for me because on previous films I've been very restricted by the budget in the amount of shots I can do, and the kind of shots I'm able to do. On "Slither" I could afford a crane for like two days, but here I've got one with me the whole time. The way I work is that I plan everything ahead of time, so on this movie I've found more than any other that I can make the scenes look like I saw in my head, and better.


More at the link. [Comic Book Resources]


From Latino Review comes the story that more writers have been hired to be on set and do revisions to the script (last revised by Adam McKay). These two are Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer. Make of that what you will: It's not an uncommon practice, but, man, has this project passed through a lot of hands at this point. [Latino Review]


Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) is in talks to take the lead of the film, opposite the already-cast James Badge Dale. The film follows a special ops team that fights the supernatural. Mortimer's part would be as a CIA mission leader, whereas Dale plays a researcher. [Hollywood Reporter]



Filming's begun on the Netflix series, which means that photos and set video have started popping up. Given that the video features a boy yelling, "I can't see," it looks like they're shooting the scene where young Matt Murdock loses his sight. More photos at the link. [Latino Review]

Illustration for article titled First Look at emDaredevil/em TV Show! And A New emAmerican Horror Story/em Star!
Illustration for article titled First Look at emDaredevil/em TV Show! And A New emAmerican Horror Story/em Star!

American Horror Story

Wes Bentley has been cast for the series' two-episode Halloween arc. He'll play Eddie, "a dark tormentor from Kathy Bates' past who is hell-bent on revenge." [TV Line]



Halle Barry spoke about Steven Spielberg's involvement in the new series and how his "sci-fi" is the kind she likes:

I love the kind of sci-fi that Steven does. It's more supernatural. This is more E.T.-ish, more of that end of supernatural and sci-fi. And I love that the core of it is the family and the relationship, but you also go into this world that's new in a magical way. There will be enough sci-fi and future stuff to satisfy fans. But for the people, especially women, who like it to be rooted in something real and true and emotional, they'll have that too. Because at the core of this is this family, and they're struggling to stay a family while dealing with what just happened to them, something they have no control over.


She gave details about her character's pregnancy and what it means to her:

You find out Molly is pregnant with whatever it is. She's very connected to that, because that is part of her. I keep telling the writers all the time, you know, Charles Manson had a mother who loved him, so whatever this thing is, it's part Molly. There's just an unspoken love that's there. Whatever he's doing that may wreak havoc on the world, I, as a mother, can help. After all, it is half-human. There's a reason that it chose her body to come through, and take something from her that it needed in order to come to Earth. I think these aliens have realized they need part of what is human if they want to survive. So many species before us have all gone extinct, but humans are still here. Why is that? I think this other life force realizes there's something about us that they need for them to not become extinct. That's why this little baby is so important. It can be the birth of a new life form that is stronger than humans and stronger than the aliens. It can be this new hybrid.


[Entertainment Weekly]

And here's a featurette:

Once Upon a Time

Elizabeth Mitchell will join the cast as part of the show's Frozen-related story. No specific character has been named, but Mitchell's role is described as "possible malevolent," with ties to Elsa, Anna, and Storybrooke. [Entertainment Weekly]


Game of Thrones

There's nothing we haven't seen before, but SpoilerTV has a round-up of everything we know so far about season 5. [SpoilerTV]


Teen Wolf

Here's a sneak peek at episode 4.04, "The Benefactor." [via SpoilerTV]

And here's the preview for that episode:

Under the Dome

Here's the description of episode 2.05, "Reconciliation":


"Reconciliation" – Julia takes over as the leader of Chester's Mill after the town becomes divided in the wake of Big Jim and Rebecca's plans for population control. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie help Melanie search for more clues about her identity at the Dome wall, on UNDER THE DOME, Monday, July 28 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.



Go here for more photos from episode 2.03, "Force Majeure." [SpoilerTV]

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The Strain

Here's the Australian promo. [via SpoilerTV]


Here's the promo for episode 2.04, "Beasts of Burden." [SpoilerTV]

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