First look at Christian Bale's dark dystopian movie, Concrete Island

We've been eagerly anticipating any news at all on the re-teaming of The Machinist collaborators Brad Anderson and Christian Bale, a movie adaptation of J.G. Ballard's Concrete Island. Even though the movie is years away, take a look at the first ever artwork from this dystopian film.

Check out the first ever artwork from the production company behind the feature, Filmax. Plus here's the first ever official synopsis:

Los Angeles, 2020. Robert Maitland is a highly successful architect. One day, he speeds down the freeway losing control of his car and crashing into the middle of a manmade 'island' underneath a freeway intersection. After days of suffering agonising physical pain and the mental turmoil, he begins to suspect that he may not be the only person on the 'island'. When his fellow inhabitants finally reveal themselves, it soon becomes clear to Maitland that on this 'concrete island', only the strong survive.


If all goes as planned, we should be seeing this picture sometime in 2013.

[Filmax via TwitchFilm]

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