First Look At Arrow's All New Black Canary!

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Sarah Lance has fallen, but her sister Laurel has taken up her mantle and plans to protect Starling City as the new Black Canary on Arrow. As seen in this first official pic, Laurel certainly looks the part, but is she ready? (Answer: Almost certainly not. But hey, presentation is still half the battle, right?)


I've got to admit I really, really like this on pretty much every level. I love that the previously problematic character of Laurel has come into her own, I love that she's taking things into her own hands, I love the outfit, and I especially love the blond wig, which works a lot better as a disguise for her more brunette hair that it did Laurel's already blonde 'do. I just think it seems more appropriately comic book-y on her, while it just looked awkward on Sarah, if that makes any sense.

I'm sure she'll have a significant learning curve before she gets the hang of being a vigilante — she's only had like, what, two boxing lessons from Ted Grant so far? — and I'm sure Oliver will try to talk her out of it for half a dozen episodes, but whatever. All hail the new Black Canary!

[Via IGN]


This looks a lot more practical than Sarah's Canary costume, with her boobs about to pop out.

It kind of reminds me of a mix of the Canary outfit, and a SWAT uniform.