This just in from Star Wars Celebration’s Star Wars Rebels panel: the next season of Disney XD’s animated series will bring back a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Here’s what we know so far, with the season 2 trailer included below!

Via an IGN report:

Captain Rex appeared, grey-bearded and flanked by two other clones, fighting alongside the rebels in the season 2 reveal trailer shown during the panel.

Hondo Ohnaka will also be coming back from Clone Wars. Both characters will join Ahsoka, who came back during the season 1 finale of Rebels. Cad Bane was also teased as a possible returning character for season 2.

In response to a fan question about how the clones were able to survive the end of the Clone Wars, director Dave Filoni said that the explanation would be more than the panel has time for, but he teased that the explanation exists, it’s complex, but it isn’t outside the realm and rules of the Star Wars universe. Filoni said they were all huge fans of Rex, but Kanan Jarrus? “Not so much,” he said.

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