First Look At Allison Williams As Peter Pan Trades Tights For Shorts

The first-ever image from the NBC live Peter Pan musical shows off Allison Williams in her updated Peter Pan costume, and the modern day recreation of the Broadway show has upgraded Peter from tights to shorts. Now Peter kind of looks like he belongs in Brooklyn, which yeah, that works.

This first image was released via The Today Show's tweet showcasing Pan's sensible street shoes for the discerning boy who never wants to grow up, and a new pair of what appears to be lycra cutoffs (possibly purchased at American Apparel).


For comparison's sake, we've included Mary Martin and Cathy Rigby's previous costume incarnations. We kind of love that Peter looks like a member of the modern-day Peter Pan-afflicted youth. It works. I mean, tights are always good, but if it's going to be fun, lycra shorts are a good way to go as well. Also, sick leather cuffs, Peter.


And here's a short video of the actress practicing "flyyyyyyying." It's impossible not to watch this and start chanting "Look at me way up high. Suddenly here am I, I'm flying!"


Williams will be playing opposite Christopher Walken, who has been cast in the role of Captain Hook. I'm honestly so excited for this musical I could pass out. December 4th is the live TV air date, let's all plan to watch together .

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