First Look at All the Weird Alien Designs That Didn't Get Used in Battleship

Say what you want about Battleship — the movie did try to create a brand new alien race from scratch, with no prior artworks to go on. And, as we revealed before the movie came out, some of the designs they created for the alien invaders were way more freaky and bizarre than what ended up on screen. Now, for the first, time you can see some of those early designs.

Above is an exclusive snippet from the DVD/Blu-ray special features for Battleship, which comes out tomorrow. It focuses on the alien creature design, and includes some of those early weird concept art sketches. Some of which look quite a bit cooler than what we ended up with.


Also in the above snippet from the DVD special features, you can see what the aliens look like without their armor. That's right: naked aliens! And there are some details about just what went into creating the look of the creatures — apparently those goatees they all sport are "quill beards," made out of the same stuff as your fingernails. And there are three or four distinct alien characters, including one named Clarence. And finally, you get to see just what went into creating the alien armor, and why they chose to make it assymetrical. The above clip features Sarah Aubrey (Producer), Frank Gravatt (ILM Digital Model Supervisor), Russell Paul (ILM Digital Model Supervisor), Glen McIntosh (ILM Animation Supervisor).

Battleship comes out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow — and you never know, it might look a lot better at three in the morning, with your cats in your lap.

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Nah...I think I will skip it so that the morons that came up with this $209 million dollar blunder will all be fired and start screaming! We sunk our BattleshipWah... wah...!

And they will finally hire some real talent and make some better movies! But I doubt it...