First Look At Alice On Set For Resident Evil: Afterlife

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Finally, here's our first good look at everyone's favorite Umbrella Corp resistance leader, Alice. Take a peek at Milla Jovovich and the cast of the next Resident Evil film, looking bad as hell. Plus on-set reports from Milla herself. Spoilers...

First off, it's so good to see Milla in her ass-kicking Alice gear again. We can't wait to find out what happened to her sexy naked clone army and what new mind powers she'll have in this movie. Also, you can see Ali Larter — so it's nice that she survived the last movie. Still, it looks like they never made it to Alaska, ah well.

For a better look check out all the strange white hospital like garb over at Shock Til You Drop, which has a bigger picture. Let's go ahead and assume that these white-dressed extras are part of some exceedingly excellent experiment group.


Meanwhile, Milla has been Twittering up a storm while on set, and I have to say, it sounds like fantastic, violence heavy, mayhem. Exactly how we like our Resident Evil. Here are a few highlights, including a couple items we touched on in yesterday's morning spoilers:

"When Ali and i were doing the fight in the shower block, i had to point my shotgun into camera and shoot...but when i did, the glass protecting the camera completely shattered! that is definitely going on the gag reel for the dvd! lol!"

"and its supposed to be super heroic with all of us shooting thru a wall of undead as we run towards a potential escape route..."

"They were of the big action sequence with Alice and Claire fighting THE EXECUTIONER who in reality is an 8 ft. tall heavy weight boxer! He has a HUGE axe and we're in a prison shower, so every time he swings the axe, showers explode! So thru the whole scene its literally raining! so beautiful!"

"I fly a small aircraft in this film and they did a shot of it landing on the boat we're on the night before last and get this, all the people who live in the skyscrapers around the harbor phoned 911 reporting a plane crash on the ship! how rad! they got HUNDREDS of call!"

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So this is what "beating a dead horse," will look like. Why can't anybody in Hollywood have a original idea and stop making sequel after sequel and remake after remake. But, I digress:(

/Steps down off of the soapbox. #residentevil