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First Kite trailer and clips are full of sexy exploding heads

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Seems like you're going to be watching a lot of movies about lethal young girls, featuring Samuel L. Jackson in supporting roles. Yesterday we glimpsed Barely Lethal, about a teen assassin trained by Jackson. Today, here's a huge look at the anime adaptation Kite, about an abused girl who becomes a super-killer. With Jackson!


This time around, Jackson feels so strongly about the material, he recorded a special intro to the trailer and clipreel, found via Bloody Disgusting.


The overall look and feel of the trailer and clip are very reminiscent of Sin City and Sucker Punch, especially the way that certain colors "pop" out of the monochrome, and the sexy sexy violence is also very reminiscent of Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl and other fine Japanese exploitation movies.

What makes this film stand out is the fantastical hardware, like the massive gun that pops out of a relatively small purse, and launches bullets that make people's heads explode after a few moments. Also the fictional drug "AMP," which erases PTSD and turns you into an invincible killer badass.

So which young female assassin movie with Samuel L. Jackson are you more excited about? (Or are you holding out for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which has Black Widow and features Jackson as Nick Fury?)

[Via Bloody Disgusting]


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Gene Jacket

I'm not familiar with the source material, but everything about this looks awful.

The lead couldn't possibly seem any more disinterested, the color grading is crap and the fight choreography looks horrid.