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Dammit, this movie adaptation of Into The Woods makes us nervous. Here is the first-ever footage from the Disney film which is very, very big and grand and movie-like, but not at all like a musical—because there's no singing in it.


OK, Disney can't give it all away in the beginning—we get that. And the "I Wish" spoken words are obviously a nod towards the "Prologue" tune, which is great. (Here's hoping this song hasn't been cut.) But the fact that they're speaking the lyrics makes me very nervous. Also, that's a lot of CG. How much of this movie is going to be visual FX? It doesn't really need that much magic; it was based off of a stage play and we can suspend our disbelief a little. That being said, Meryl Streep looks great and James Corden has well established himself on the stage.


So let's not freak out too much because we still haven't heard anyone sing yet. Just kidding, I'm already freaking out. Fingers crossed, people.

Into the Woods will premiere in theaters on December 25th. That's a loooong ways away.

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