Illustration for article titled First Image Of Our New Mexican Alien Overlords, From Monsters

We've got an exclusive image from what people are calling the "The Latin District 9," or Gareth Edwards' Monsters. Is this street art a representation of the possible octopus aliens that have been quarantined in Mexico? Plus a new clip.


The film, which is screening at SXSW's SX Fantastic and Fantastic Fest, tells the story of what happens to the world when a group of aliens crash-land in Mexico. The only details we have about this film, which is keeping its big alien reveal secret, are the above exclusive above image, and the basic premise. Six years after the crash, Mexico is quarantined, and the film follows a journalist who helps an American tourist through the alien-filled country, trying to get safely home.

Here is the first clip, via Twitch Film, still no big reveal. But fingers crossed that the above art is an accurate representation of the new aliens, because if they were giant octopuses, that would be amazing.


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