First image of James Franco as The Great and Powerful Oz is sad and pensive, also terrible

The first ever look at Sam Raimi's retelling of The Wizard of Oz shows a super sexy Wizard with his lips parted, played by James Franco. We're not Franco-haters, and we love Raimi — but this looks like The Wizard and his Sexy Balloon Ride of Love. Let's hope this preliminary art from Oz: The Great and Powerful is just that.

The good news: Michelle Williams (Glinda), Rachel Weisz (Evanora) and Mila Kunis (Theodora) have a large role in the film, as they play the infamous "witches" that the Wizard (also named Oz) deals with, in his takeover of the yellow brick road. Too bad they're not in this promo art too.


[Bleeding Cool via The James Franco Forever Tumblr]

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