First I Am Number Four clips illustrate why this film is Twilight with aliens

Just how exactly will I Am Number Four bring the Twilight feeling to a story about an alien refugee? Six new clips from the film show just how Twi-cracky this film will get. Plus tons of Michael Bay-style explosions. Spoilers?


I Am Number Four wasn't exactly our favorite book of 2010, but we had some hopes that the movie might turn out to be a perfectly sturdy teen action-adventure-romance film, along the lines of Percy Jackson. After all, the script was adapted by Smallville creators Miles Miller and Al Gough, with a polish by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Marti Noxon. And it's directed by Disturbia's DJ Caruso and produced by Michael Bay. All of which suggests some fun teensploitation. But these clips, sadly, suggest that we're in for unsustainable twerpiness levels.

The movie's main saving grace seems to be Number Six (Teresa Palmer) who is another alien on the run, except that she actually kicks tons of ass instead of just acting pouty and rebellious. In the above clip, you can see her basically doing her best Buffy the Vampire Slayer impression.

And here she is setting a house on fire and walking away from the explosion, Michael Bay-style:

So those are the two most bad-ass clips from the film that were just released. Here are the others.

So Number Four (Alex Pettyfer) is an alien who's been on the run his whole life from the Mogadorians, who wiped out his entire planet. He has to keep moving and stay hidden, but now that he's hit puberty, he's suddenly unclear on the whole "staying hidden" plan. Here, he insists on going to school even though his protector/father figure Henri (Timothy Olyphant) points out all the reasons this is a bad idea:

This, of course, leads to him showing off his newly emerging superpowers in front of the whole class:

But it's okay, because he hooks up with Dianna Agron from Glee, who shows him her ultra-narcissistic scrapbook, full of pictures of herself glued next to random quotes and maps:

So when it becomes clear they're in ultra-mega danger from the Mogadorians, and Henri wants to leave town like a sensible person, Number Four calls on his ultimate power, the power of poutiness:

I Am Number Four hits theaters on Feb. 18.



If they have to be killed in order, wouldn't that make 5-8 pretty much invulnerable? Why not have them do all the fighting, teaming up to protect 4?