First Hints About Star Trek's Warp, Space-Battle Effects

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While J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie isn't showing any footage at Comic-Con, someone over at Ain't It Cool News claims to have seen a couple of space scenes from the movie, including special effects in progress. The scenes, as described, give a hint as to how the Enterprise bridge will look, but also how the warp effect will come across. Plus there are some hints about the movie's overall plot. Consider this a single Saturday morning spoiler. Ain't It Cool's source says the Enterprise bridge has a bigger viewscreen than the original series version, and it's closer to the captain's chair and the forward consoles. The Enterprise escorts some freighters towing giant cargo crates at warp speed, and on the bridge, the viewscreen shows a streaky warp effect with some rainbow tinges, not unlike Star Trek: The Motion Picture's warp effect. Everyone on the bridge is in a cadet's uniform except the captain (Pike, I presume), who's in his thirties or forties. So is this a training exercise or something? And then some bad guys attack, smashing the unshielded freighters and destroying the U.S.S. Yorktown, which is a Constitution class ship. We see the Yorktown with its nacelles and top half of its secondary hull trashed, with smoke coming out. And then a human-looking bad guy appears on the viewscreen. In the second scene, the captain exchanges verbal jabs with the bad guy, whose ship is pointy with three nacelles. The Enterprise launches a huge photon torpedo, twice the size of the original series versions. And then fires phasers, which are yellowy-orange and makes the bad guy's ship (the Sunfire?) shake. The bad guy fires photon torpedos back, and both ships' shields are flashing electric white, and cadets are being flung everywhere on the Enterprise. More details on these scenes (which sound cool, if real) at the link. [AIn't It Cool News]



Just having sat thru IMAX Dark Knight (I enjoyed it a lot), why the hell would anyone sit closer to a bigger screen? I'm guessing that human eyes automatically change focal length or go naturally bug eyed wide on us in the 23rd century.

Rainbow? WTF? Nobody over there hear of the doppler effect? Even ST TMP tried (not well.) In that above photo, it should be red shifted on the basis that the Enterprise is warping away from the perspective of the camera.

Smoke? Yay! Fire in space!

Energy weapons at FTL speed! That's one thing I could never get about Trek after my very Spock like high school physics teacher pointed that one out while working on Waves.

Holy fucking Gorn Gods of Fuzz! Does anyone at Star Trek reboot get the simple little bits of science?

I'm also guessing they're going to be big on those over elaborate access panels they use for dramatic effect. If any engineer had to design a panel that required some 5-10 different types of operations to open, the field aps and installation/maintenance guys would beat the shit out of him.

Eggads, sounds a little Khany, too.

"In know that none of you were expecting this. I'm sorry. I'm going to have to ask you to grow up a little bit sooner than you expected."

Will we get "NNNNNNeeeerooo!" too?

Sorry, I'm going to back to my corner, stick my fingers in my ears and go "La. La. Lalalalala" repeatedly.