First Glimpse Of Timothy Dalton In Toy Story 3, Plus Doctor Who Theme Music Hints

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

How will Doctor Who's music change? Will Lost's love triangle finally end? What's Toy Story 3's newest toy? Is Galactus dying? These questions can only be answered with spoilers. Also, glimpse the future of Last Airbender, Fringe, Survivors and Chuck.


Doctor Who:

Murray Gold haters, weep like the angels of old! The music composer says he's already talking about doing the music for season five, the first Steven Moffat season. And he doesn't think he'll be toning down his splashtastic approach for episode one, which is "complete joy." He adds:

I think they like the music, and I'm sure they wanna make some refinements. I'm sure they don't wanna throw out the baby and the bath water, otherwise they would have got somebody else. In all honesty I make refinements anyway, when I score Steven's episodes, because they do come at the story from a different angle...
You'd think about scaling down, and I discussed scaling down with Piers [Wenger] and he may want that. I don't think Steven is keen to make major changes in a way that this is a directive from him before the show has been shot; nobody knows and you react to what's on the screen and as much as you feel you know from the script – and looking at the script it doesn't feel in any way small, it doesn't feel like there's no running around, in fact it feels like one of the most energetic scripts I've ever read in my life.


And Gold has already retooled the show's iconic theme music for the new Matt Smith opening credits. He also confirms that Gareth Roberts and Mark Gatiss will be writing for season five. [MusicFromTheMovies via BlogtorWho]

There's some speculation that the seventh and 11th episodes of the new season will be "lite" episodes, containing relatively little of the Doctor and his companion. There are also some somewhat recent set pics, showing a mob of people with torches lighting someone (or something) on fire. (Photos by the Twelfth Doctor.) And here's a set video I don't think we showed you before, of what looks like an early scene between the new Doctor and his companion Amy. [GallifreyBase]


Could we finally be free of the Sawjackate triangle? An inside source claims to have a script page from early in season six, in which Sawyer and Kate are together on the island — not in the alternate "landed safely" timeline, but in "our" timeline. Kate tries to comfort Sawyer over Juliet's death, and Sawyer rejects her savagely. And it's meant to be totally clear that Sawyer and Kate are done for good — so much so, the writers added a note to the script explaining this is it — they're done, with no going back. (Of course, then you know that alt-Sawyer and alt-Kate will hook up.) Anyway, the usual "grain of salt" warnings apply here. [The ODI]


Also, within the first six hours of the new season, a male character (probably Sayid?) says, "Am I alive?" and "I was supposed to die." Someone else says, "It turned out she did not want out." And someone (probably Juliet?) says "I wanted you to be able to go home." Finally, someone else (probably Jacob?) has a starred-out line that I'm guessing is "I was killed by an old friend." [E! Online]

And three main characters will be apprehended — separately — by the authorities this season. [E! Online]


Also, people who had early access to scripts or rough cuts of the season's first nine episodes rated each episode, and it sounds like the season starts out really strong and then gets really strong again by episodes eight and nine, but there are some clunkers in the middle of that batch. The Kate-centric third episode, "What Kate Does," is singled out as the worst. [SpoilersLost]

Also, an inside source claims that in the first eleven episodes, Jacob will explain the whole concept of the show to Richard Alpert via a complicated analogy, and it has to do with a champagne cork popping. But the popping cork has nothing to do with volcanos. (One commenter speculates the cork is the Swan station, and the unleashed temporal anomalies are the reason for the show's weirdness.) [SpoilersLost]


In episode 6x04, "The Substitute," Hurley and his Hummer cause a problem for Locke. Hurley also has a connection to Rose, who's not long for this world (probably due to cancer), and this connection is used to help Locke somehow. Locke and Rose have an argument about Locke wasting her time. As a result of all this, Locke runs into an old enemy. Again, this is all stuff you should take with a grain of salt. [SpoilersLost]

Toy Story 3:

After seeing Timothy Dalton as the President of the High Council the other day, were you thinking that you'd really like to see him as a theatrical stuffed hedgehog? Then behold. [Cinemablend]


The Last Airbender:

Empire Magazine went on set at M. Night Shyamalan's epic adaptation, and there are a few new pics, including this one. [Empire via AirbenderFans]



Here are the official descriptions of the next two episodes, the first of which is a holdover from season one:

2x11: Unearthed: The Division is perplexed by a case involving a teen girl who, after being taken off life support and prepped for organ donation, miraculously awakens, with a newfound ability to speak Russian and knowledge of classified military information

2x12: Edina City Limits: A strange attack involving humans with horrible deformities brings the Division to an upstate New York hamlet that prefers to keep a portion of its population a well-guarded secret.


[TV Guide and TV Guide]


So I know what you're really wondering — what's up with Hiro? Here's Masi Oka:

[Hiro] now he has three specific goals to accomplish: deal with his brain tumor, rescue Suresh, and find Charlie. That is a more concrete mission than he had in the first half of the season... We'll see [Mohinder] for a handful of episodes, and he'll have his own mission as well.


And he says Samuel's plan will become clear in the first couple of episodes, and it's all leading up to a huge showdown, with the heroes choosing sides, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh sorry. Dozed off. Also, Masi Oka addresses criticism that Hiro overuses his time-travel power to erase anything bad that happens:

To be honest, that's a hard question because the rules do change every year. That's just the nature of time travel storytelling, which is hard to manage. The writers have some creative liberty, so we hope the audience will just go for the ride and not focus on the technicalities of it.




Ready for the return of television's greatest misfit spy? Here are synopses of the first few episodes, airing Jan. 10 and 11:

Episode 3.01 – "Chuck vs. the Pink Slip": WITH HIS NEW INTERSECT ABILITIES, Chuck NOW WANTS TO BE A REAL SPY BUT NOBODY SAID THAT WAS GOING TO BE EASY-As the upgraded Intersect, Chuck (Zachary Levi) trains to become a full-fledged spy but hits rock bottom when he flunks out of spy school and loses Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) in the process. Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) comes home from Benihana School to help Chuck get over Sarah.

Episode 3.02 – "Chuck vs. the Three Words": Chuck MUST LEARN TO CONTROL HIS EMOTIONS SO HE CAN BE A SPY. EVEN IF HE'S STILL IN LOVE WITH Sarah-VINNIE JONES ("SNATCH") GUEST STARS-Chuck (Zachary Levi) gets a new mission when Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) best friend Carina comes through town with her fiancé Karl (guest star Vinnie Jones). Things get complicated when Chuck wants to hash out his and Sarah's relationship problems while they're on the mission. Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) finds himself in trouble when he lies to Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay).

Episode 3.03 – "Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte": Chuck ALWAYS PROTECTS HIS FAMILY FROM HIS SPY LIFE BUT CAN'T STOP Ellie AND AWESOME FROM STUMBLING INTO AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT-ARMAND ASSANTE ("AMERICAN GANGSTER") GUEST STARS-Chuck (Zachary Levi) must use his relationship with Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) to protect a visiting dictator, Premier Goya (guest star Armand Assante), who is the target of an assassination. While Awesome is excited about the prospect of being a spy, Chuck (Zachary Levi) is more concerned about Awesome and Ellie's (Sarah Lancaster) safety.



And here's a new on-set interview with Zachary Levi. [Zap2It]


And here's a new promo that may feel you with a strange urge to buy a Honda. [ChuckTV]

Also, Chuck Vs. The Podcast interviewed Levi and Joshua Gomez (at around 9:30 in the podcast), and they mention Morgan may be getting a new job — it'll be the same place, but a new position. [Chuck Vs. The Podcast]


Fantastic Four:

This teaser image from FF#575, due out Jan. 27, is sorta shocking. They're killing Galactus? Full version at the link. [ComicBookResources]

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The Survivors:

Season two will have more of everything, including more adventure, more excitement, and probably more romance with Tom (Max Beesley), says star Zoe Tapper. [Daily Mail]


And here are a couple new trailers:

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Josh C. Snyder.


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

That may be the greatest "Heroes" spoiler ever. I love it when the actors admit the weakness of their own shows by saying things like "...a more concrete mission than he had in the first half of the season" and especially " ...the rules do change every year."

I want to believe that, secretly, they want the show to be cancelled too.