First glimpse of the cover of Neil Gaiman's new Sandman comic

The New York Times revealed the cover and new title for Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic, now titled Overture, about the circumstances that led Dream to getting so easily captured in Sandman #1. It's also the spearhead for Vertigo's attempt to rebuild itself as DC's home for its most daring, artistic works.


From the article:

Superheroes are the lifeblood of the comic book industry and have proved to be a big draw at the box office. But Vertigo, whose slate includes fantasy, horror and speculative fiction outside of the publisher’s mainstream lineup, has had difficulty building an audience and developing new properties.

DC, whose parent company is Time Warner, is hoping to change Vertigo’s fortune this fall with six new series premiering from October to December. The most anticipated project, “The Sandman: Overture,” a mini-series by Neil Gaiman, will begin on Oct. 30.

... The new series continue that trend and include “Hinterkind,” by Ian Edginton, which focuses on a post-apocalyptic world in which the creatures of myth and legend have returned, and “The Discipline,” by Peter Milligan, an erotic thriller about a woman at the center of an shadow war that spans eons.

I guess Fables and The Unwritten have been around long enough that they've lost their sexiness, but the first two issues of Scott Snyder's The Wake have been great, so I don't think Vertigo has a problem with its content as much as it has a problem with its perception. But a new Sandman comic should help that immensely. What do you guys think?

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