First Glimpse of Russell T. Davies' Wizards Vs. Aliens!

Russell T. Davies brought Doctor Who back from the dead — and now he's making genres collide. We couldn't possibly be more excited for RTD's new show Wizards Vs. Aliens, in which a boy wizard fights an alien invasion. And now, here's the first glimpse, which is wrapped in with some footage from another new British show, Wolfsblood. The footage comes via Bleeding Cool, which posted it last week. Check out that incredibly huge blue spaceship hovering over some kind of druid ritual!

Other reasons to be excited about Wizards Vs. Aliens, coming this fall: it's basically reuniting the whole production team of the splendid Sarah Jane Adventures. And Brian Blessed will be in it, playing the Nekross King. Hot damn!

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Talking to SFX, RTD explains the genesis of the show:

Phil [Ford] and I sat there having a really interesting fanboy conversation. Which genre did we want to do? Sarah Jane was science fiction, so maybe now we should do supernatural. We had a proper conversation about how funny it is that you can only write one or the other. All those years of Doctor Who and you can never cast a spell. With Harry Potter you don't get a robot arriving. I wish we had it on record as to who said it first, but I seem to remember saying, ‘Actually, that's a good idea for a show!' And then Phil said ‘Aliens Vs Wizards!' And I went ‘Oh my god, that's it…' It then became Wizards Vs Aliens, we swapped it around. And in that moment you could see the entire show.

We can't wait! [Thanks Uriel!]

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After my continuing rewatch of Doctor Who since the very first season, I'm a little nervous for this. The idea is great, just like Doctor Who, it's how the idea's done that worries me. I'm sad to say but RTD is seldom a good writer; he hits the motherlode of awesomeness sometimes, particularly with Children of the Earth, but most of his stuff is just... bad.