First Glimpse Of Doctor Who's Newest Bug-Eyed Monsters

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The BBC promised that the Tritovore, the alien nasties who'll turn up in Doctor Who's Easter special, will rank up there with the Daleks and Cybermen. But don't take their word, see for yourself!


((Pictures removed. Sorry!))

Okay... not quite Dalek material, I guess. But I could see people dressing up as Tritovore for Halloween, partly because they're just Dharma Initiative members with fly heads. And with any luck, we'll be seeing all-Tritovore dance squads soon. We can hope!


In "Planet Of The Dead," the Doctor and a charming thief named Christina get on a London bus, which gets whisked off to an alien world, where presumably mayhem ensues.

[Doctor Who on LJ and DWDaily_Ru and Who Daily]

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I'll just pretend that's me with the Doctor, thankyouverymuch.