First Frozen song showcases songwriting talent from Book of Mormon

Little known Frozen fact: Josh Gad (who voices the part of Olaf, the talking Snowman) re-teamed up with the musical talent from Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon to create all the musical numbers in Disney's Snow Queen movie.


Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez both worked on the score and lyrics for the song book of Frozen, and now you can watch the very first song acted out in this Frozen clip.

The other great, great song (which they haven't revealed in clip form yet) is this ballad by Idina Menzel "Let it Go." It's epic. Sadly the only version we can find is the live version Menzel sang at D23 (which is still great but not high quality). Yes the credits version by Demi Lovato has been released — but just wait for the Broadway legend to do her thing in the high quality version, OK? Ok.


Frozen will be released on November 27th.

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Another princess flick, another 500+ million in the bag for Disney. Just make sure you make her real clutzy so male audiences won't feel threatened and give her a faux "tough" attitude so 10-year old girls (and Io9 reviewers) think she's being "enpowered" and "sassy".

Oh,did I said that aloud? What I meant to say was "Disney,yay!" All Hail the Gloved Hand of Mouse!