First Fright Night Clips: Colin Farrell is a sleazeball and David Tennant is majestic!

When Colin Farrell comes to your house and wants to talk to you about your girlfriend, it's never a good thing. At least, not when Farrell's an evil psychotic vampire.


Check out two of the three clips from Fright Night that premiered in yesterday's Comic-Con Panel. We can see Anton Yelchin and Christopher MIntz-Plasse trying to figure out the truth about Farrell's vampiric neighbor:

And here's the third clip — thanks so much to commenter Mekki — in which we get our first look at David Tennant in action!

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And here's the third clip with Tennant as Peter Vincent. (He's doing a posher version of the Doctor, accent-wise.) Love the appendicitis scar.

I love how they've been showing that Evil Ed clip around the internet and at Comic Con. It's as if they are going, "Okay, we are being abundantly clear, THIS ISN'T A TWILIGHT VAMPIRE!" And if some Twilight fan goes into this movie thinking that it is, they have no one to blame but themselves.