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First footage of David Tennant in the new Fright Night movie will knock your wig off

We've heard he's the best part of the new Fright Night reboot, but we still haven't seen a second of David Tennant's douchey Vegas magician footage, until now. Here he is! Both in and out of performance wig!


Aaand we're officially excited about this reboot. Fingers crossed it can deliver. And let's not forget, rumors have it that if this movie does well Tennant could get the lead in Fright Night 2! Fright Night will be in theaters August 19th, 2011.

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So, this is a reboot of an 80s vampire movie obviously made for the twilight haters, with the beloved Doctor Tennant, Anton "KyleReese-PavelChekov" Yelchin and the guy from Kick Ass... Maybe its just coincidence, but it feels this movie is designed for geeks?