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What social issue will True Blood tackle during the final season of its vampire sex show? We guess it's Hurricane Katrina, because the first trailer with footage from the new season begs for help from FEMA, while the people from Bon Temps die in an infected vampire siege. Oh dear.

Remember when this show was about vampires? And vampires coming out of the "coffin" and having sex and vampire rights? This seems insane. But then again, this is a show about a shapeshifter who shapeshifted into a fly and then shapeshifted back into a human while in the head of a vampire, thus exploding the vampire's head. So perhaps the oncoming vampire attack is a way to re-focus the show in the singular town we started in, but also allow like a vampire typhoon of rage-sex killing. We'll just have to wait and see because the new (and final) season debuts on June 22nd.


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