First Footage From Terminator: Genisys Brings Back A T-1000

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Did you know that there is a T-1000 in the new Terminator: Genisys movie? The new Terminator: Genisys teaser trailer just revealed a face full of mimetic poly-alloy, which means the T-1000 is back.


Or at least some version of the T-1000. We highly doubt this is the Robert Patrick—or maybe it is (it's probably not). But that's the thing about poly-alloy. It can be whatever the fuck it wants.

Also... um is that the TIME MACHINE the Terminator and Kyle Reese use to go back in time? This movie is blowing the lid off the Terminator franchise. So many reveals. The full trailer is out tomorrow, but already this looks way better than the Entertainment Weekly covers.

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