American Horror Story's New Opening Credits Are A NSFW Clown Nightmare

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We've gotten some shudder-inducing promos and a dream-like trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show, but the latest promo shows us some actual scenes from the new series. Plus, the opening titles have been released—if you have a fear of killer clowns, steer clear.

One of the particularly neat things about this trailer is how it offers a taste of the very distinct personalities of each of Sarah Paulson's conjoined twin characters, Bette and Dot Tattler. We also see the return of Naomi Grossman as Pepper, who was introduced in American Horror Story: Asylum.

And here are the sinister (and rather NSFW) opening titles. Evil clowns. Evil clowns everywhere.

Freak Show launches on October 8th.

[ /Film]

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Gus Porterhouse

More than a little disappointed by the absence of Lily Rabe. Still looks better than Witch High School, but not feeling it yet.