First footage from Eli Roth's disaster movie Aftershock bloodies up a South American nightclub

Good news for Eli Roth fans — the horror director's latest disaster movie Aftershock — which he co-wrote and stars in with Nicolas Lopez — has been picked up by Dimension Films, and here's the first ever clip to celebrate. Watch as a Chilean club becomes a bloodbath when an earthquake hits. Here's what we know about Aftershock, plot-wise:

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Chile has it all: gorgeous landscapes, smokin'- hot women, cool dudes, great wine, and the wildest parties. For a hapless American tourist, nicknamed Gringo (Eli Roth) by his two Chilean pals Ariel (Ariel Levy) and Pollo (Nicolás Martínez), the trip has been heaven on earth - except that he just can't hook up with the ladies. Gringo's luck seems to change when the group meets a trio of babes - Russian model Irina (Natasha Yarovenko), non-stop party girl Kylie (Lorenza Izzo) and her serious sister Monica (Andrea Osvárt) - who agree to accompany them on a trip to the coastal town of Valparaíso. The new friends are having the best of times whooping it up in a dance club, until a violent earthquake brings the entire city down around them. With this one-time paradise now a landscape of death and destruction that's seething with terror and panic, our unlucky heroes must run for their lives from looters, escaped convicts, and the inevitable aftershocks.


Both Aftershock and Clown were picked up by Dimension Films according to Deadline. The latter film is based off an amazing fake internet trailer about a father unable to take off a clown suit he donned for his kid's birthday.

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Sooo... Stereotypical American douche bag tourists going to partay abroad and get into a plotless bloodbath of senseless violence. What a shocking choice of topic for Mr. Horror-movies-without-any-resamblance-of-a-plot-but-just-masses-of-blood-and-torture Roth.

Hostel4, now with more earthquakes.