Tomorrow night is when all the shit hits the fan at the Titty Twister, in a special extra-long episode of From Dusk Till Dawn directed by Robert Rodriguez himself. And we've got an exclusive clip showing a taste of the mayhem to come.

Fans of the movie won't want to miss this episode, and the comparisons between the film and TV versions of events in this clip are pretty fascinating.


Here's the official description for "Pandemonium," airing tomorrow night at 9 PM on El Rey:

It's the episode everyone has been waiting for, when the vampire action really kicks into high gear inside the Titty Twister bar. Here's the official logline: With everyone at odds, the Gecko brothers and the Fuller family are forced to sit down and watch the nightly performance by Santanico Pandemonium. When Ranger Freddie Gonzalez shows up to exact revenge, the show takes an unexpectedly savage turn.