The Last Ship was one of the best surprises last summer — the plague apocalypse tale was basically a fun-as-hell summer movie with heroic scientists, whom we actually see doing science. Plus some neat post-apocalyptic political battles. So here’s a first look at season two, in which there’s a whole new storyline about scary immune people.

I never got around to doing a proper postmortem on Last Ship season one, so here’s the thumbnail version — the show had some stumbles early on, like when they were doing the “stereotype of the week” stories about terrorists, evil Russians, and South American drug lords. But the show also had some good characterization to back up its Michael Bay-inspired action movie style, and its scientist characters, particularly Rhona Mitra as Dr. Scott, are brilliant and actually use something approaching the scientific method on occasion. As this clip from season one shows, this show lurched back and forth between awesome MacGyvering and annoying preachiness with a drunken zeal — but it improved as the season went on and the characters gelled a bit. And the tail end of the season, with Alfre Woodard as the evil POTUS, was actually pretty solid.


So in a summer that’s jam-packed with returning shows like Extant, Under the Dome and Falling Skies, The Last Ship is surprisingly one of the returnees I’m most pumped for. Here’s a poster: