First Details On David Hewlett's Return to SyFy in Dark Matter

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David Hewlett is returning to Syfy! This summer Hewlett will reunite with Stargate Atlantis writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie on their new show Dark Matter.

Announced near the end of last year, Dark Matter is the television adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name. It follows the crew of a derelict spaceship, who wake up from stasis with no memory of how they got on board or who they are. In the midst of figuring that out, they also have to work together to survive the trip.

Hewlett will have a recurring part as Talbor Calchek. In a slight change for Hewlett, Calchek is a sleazy agent for unsavory mercenaries who will appear in a four-episode arc.


Also guest-starring in the show's first season will be Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) as Wendy, described as a "dangerously beautiful android with a full range of pleasure features."

The 13-episode series will premiere on Friday, June 12 at 10PM(ET/PT).

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Hey, that gives him 3 seasons to become a series regular. After that, Syfy will cancel the show without ceremony even if it's a huge success anyway.