First Crazy Look At Hustler's This Ain't Game Of Thrones XXX

There's still a couple weeks left before Game of Thrones returns to our screens. But in the meantime, here's the first trailer for Hustler's This Ain't Game of Thrones XXX, featuring Daenerys, Brienne, Cersei, Jon Snow... and watch until the end for a look at Tyrion Lannister. It's safe for work!


I really don't know what I think about this. I'm so confused and scared.

We already brought you the exclusive first look at Lee Roy Myers' Game of Bones, so it's only right and just that we bring you the first look at Axel Braun's X-rated Game of Thrones parody, arriving on your shelves April 8. Here's hoping there's a moment where someone says "All Men Must Strip" or maybe "All Men Must Boink."


Anyway, here's the official description:

This parody of the popular HBO series spoofs the politics, sex and struggles of the Seven Kingdoms in the way only HUSTLER can do it. In this feature, parodies of your favorite characters get it on in ways you can only imagine! The blood of royalty runs hot and sultry, indeed, in THIS AIN'T GAME OF THRONES XXX.

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I really don't want to know what they say about winter for this.