First clips from the new season of True Blood are even more ridiculous than we could have hoped!

The fifth season of True Blood is right around the corner. And we're so excited that everytime we bonk into the white face promo posters on the subway we drop to our knees and scream SUUUUKAAAYY! It's so close, we can almost taste Jason's ab sweat!

But until the official premiere, you'll have to make do with this new collection of clips and a brand new trailer. The first features Vampire Eric and Vampire Bill making a Vampire Phone Call and Vampire Zooming all over Bill's horribly decorated important Vampire Businessman Office. So great.

And finally here's a little trailer with a whole lotta new footage, including The KING with tiny t-rex hands — hungry for human blood, because he likes it!

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Yup. Must be thursday!