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We've already celebrated the greatness of Manborg, the bargain-basement tribute to classic 1980s science fiction movies. But here's your first actual clip from the film, in which Manborg offers some wisdom: "It's never too late... to be a hero." The acting in this scene must be seen to be believed, including the randomly dubbed Asian dude. It's kind of amazing.


Also, here's a longer trailer than the short teaser trailer we featured before. Note the amazing VHS tape effects:

You don't really need a synopsis after watching that, but basically this movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future full of demonic Nazis or something, and Manborg is a soldier from the past who's brought back to life as — what else? — a cyborg.


In a new interview in the Winnipeg Free Press, writer/director Steve Kostanski explains that this film was a three-year labor of love:

Illustration for article titled First clip proves that emManborg/em is the new emKickpuncher/em

"It was while watching The Eliminators with fellow Astron member Jeremy (Gillespie) that I decided it was time to make my own cheap, schlocky sci-fi action epic."

The Eliminators was a 1986 film featuring a group of heroes (including a cybernetic "mandroid," a ninja, and the obligatory beautiful blond woman) banding together to fight an evil scientist. It's as cheesy as a double cheese pizza, and just as delicious, as least to Astron's sensibilities.

"The appeal of these low budget knock-off type films (was) they were always littered with crazy cool ideas to try and make up for the lack of money," Kostanski says. "They'd always figure out ways to be inventive with what they had, and that's a logic that I think Astron-6 can sympathize with."

Weirdly, the campy and not particularly realistic-looking Manborg has been rated 18A in Manitoba for "brutal violence, gory scenes." This is a film... for men. And women. And manborgs.

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