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First Clip Of Dark Knight's Secret Villain: He Walks, He Talks, He Drinks Your Whiskey

You wouldn't want to get on Harvey Dent's bad side, judging from this new video clip released by Warner Brothers on the Dark Knight viral website. I'm guessing the clip comes from the very end of the movie, and it's actually the first viral marketing that has made me genuinely excited for this movie. Aaron Eckhart was brilliantly cast in this role, and just hearing a second of his dark side talking got me jazzed. Spoilers ahead.

Yes, this is our first peek at Two Face, aka deformed white knight Harvey Dent. You can see scarred Harvey slide in and seriously ruin a man's drink. You don't get a whole look at his ugly mug, just a tiny chin taste. I'm assuming Nolan will hide the full reveal until the very last minute in Dark Knight.


[newVideoPlayer("twofaceclip_io9.flv", 506, 423,"");">Why So Serious]

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Nevermind that it was always kind of silly. If you're really looking to kill someone, there are probably 10,000 more effective ways the mob could do it better than the equivalent of a water balloon.