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First clip from Let Me In will silence the haters

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We’ve gotten excited about Matt Reeves’ vampire remake of the acclaimed Swedish film Let The Right One In, after we saw the excellent footage screened at Comic Con. Now it’s your turn. Watch the first clip from the film.


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First off, hooray for Blue Oyster Cult. Second, this scene is exactly what we’ve been talking about. People have been absolutely buzzing about Ricard Jenkins’ performance. When we interviewed Reeves, this particular scene was actually one of the first things he wanted to talk about:

This is an attempt at more POV film making and seeing things the way Owen might see them. We approached the pool scene from his point of view. I hope people see that, actually there’s one scene in particular where we really identify with Richard’s character [Richard Jenkins, who plays “The Father”]. To me it was inspired by Dial M for Murder, the sequence where they’re going to kill Grace Kelly, but it all goes wrong. By the end you find yourself actually identifying with the killer. You feel bad for him by the end, that’s kind of the visual approach we tried to take with this film. Very point of view driven.


That being said, a lot does depend on the young actors Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee. And we’ll be waiting to see more from these two in the future. Until then, this brand new poster and clip will have to tide us over. The movie will be released in theaters October 1st.

[via Let Me In’s website Enter Under Penalty Of Death]

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That is supposed to silence haters? It doesn't really show much, does it? But above all, no trailer will be able to answer the basic question of: why?

Why the hell do we need a remake of a near perfect movie?

(And BTW the word "Cloverfield" on the poster - NOT comforting!)