Horror comedy is perhaps one of the greatest genres ever created, and one of the most difficult to execute exactly. So the idea of a zombie comedy about an undead ex-girlfriend returning to claim her boyfriend does pique our interest, but can it deliver? Let's check out the first clip from Burying The Ex.


Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene play the lovers that not even death could keep apart, but Greene is the one currently rotting. There's very little buzz about Burying The Ex; in fact, its premiere at Venice Film Festival and this clip were the first we'd heard of it.

While we're not really won over entirely by the clip, this sort of movie often requires more than one gag to set up a good, dark payoff. And that being said, it's from Joe Dante, the director of Gremlins, which we loved. So it has good people behind it. Fingers crossed for this one.


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