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First Clip From Doctor Who Christmas Special Is Full Of Weird Intensity

Here's your first look at the next Doctor Who Christmas special — and it's basically proof that Peter Capaldi can bring 1000 percent more razor-sharp menace to anything, even just a conversation with Santa Claus on the rooftop. Even just debating the merits of the tangerine at the bottom of the stocking.


Also, you have to love Capaldi's final rejoiner: "Happy Easter." That's telling him. And if you liked this clip, even overseas readers can donate to the Children in Need fundraiser for which it aired.

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Seriously, what's the deal with tangerines? I used to get them in my stockings, and now my kids get chocolate oranges in theirs. Symbolic citrus.

You know what? This year I'm putting Easter eggs in their stockings. Screw tangerines.