Doctor Who's fifth season debut, "The Eleventh Hour," just had its premiere showing, and here's the first clip showing the TARDIS in trouble. The first reviews of the episode are already online, and so are some fascinating spoilers.

First of all, here's that clip showing the TARDIS, after it's crashed into a young girl's garden:

Who do you think that girl could be? It's a mystery!

So the episode had its debut in Cardiff, where the city center saw a TARDIS crash-landing of its own:


(Image via Daily Mail.)

And the first review is online, from BBC News. Not surprisingly, it's mostly very positive. The show moves along at a fair clip, and "veers between witty and creepy." The relationship between the Doctor and new companion Amy Pond has "potential." Adds the BBC:

It's not instantly accessible, it's too complex for that. But it's often performances like this that can, as the series goes on, prove ultimately more satisfying.

And a new promo reel showed after the episode, which included hints that we'll be seeing the Cybermen again in season five. Also, there were fantastic special effects showing "spitfires dogfighting in space." And the Doctor visits Stonehenge and meets what look like Roman centurions. Also, the Silurains are definitely back, and we meet a new threat, the Smilers.

Meanwhile, in news that should surprise nobody, the BBC confirmed that Doctor Who is having another Christmas special, to be written by new showrunner Steven Moffat, this year. And the hit show's already been greenlit for a sixth season, to air in 2011.


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