First (brief, awkward) look at the giant monsters of Pacific Rim in action

It seems like only yesterday that director Guillermo del Toro released the first viral video for his mecha vs. kaiju flick Pacific Rim, possibly because it was. But it's a brand new day, and with it comes a new viral video of shaky-cam "news" footage of a giant monster actually attacking San Francisco. You can only see a few bits and pieces of the monster in question - and some teeth near the end - but hey, a kaiju is a kaiju, right?


I was trying to figure out why the TV footage was so shitty - I mean, I understand why the camera footage of the monster might cut in and out, but technically CNN should be broadcasting without problems, right? Then I decided whoever is trying to watch this simply has Comcast. Poor bastard. Like a giant monster attack wasn't awful enough.


[Via Blastr]

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the 'shitty footage look' is pretty amusing...esp since digital broadcasts would never look like this - if the data stream is interrupted or corrupted in some way then you get those weird squares of color or nothing at all...not this wavy shit...and NEVER static.