First Bloodthirsty Clip of Bane on Young Justice

It'll be ages before we see Tom Hardy in action as Batman's evil chiropractor, Bane. But you don't have to wait that long to see Bane's first appearance on Young Justice, airing Friday. We've got the exclusive clip right here.


Minor spoilers below...

By the look of things, this version of Bane is still on his home island of Santa Prisca, and possibly still in prison. And he's definitely hooked on the super-steroid, Venom. It's still early days for the Young Justice team, and the gang is still learning how to work together, in the episode "Drop Zone," which airs Friday at 7 PM on Cartoon Network. In this episode, according to Warner Bros.:

On their first official assignment — a covert mission to the Venom-producing island of Santa Prisca — the team finds itself caught in a struggle between the deadly Bane and cult leader Kobra for possession of something far worse than they suspected.


The above clip is exclusive to io9, but here are two more, non-exclusive, clips.

Check out Young Justice on Friday at 7 PM.

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Jesse Mrozowski

Is this show actually any good? How does it stack up to the Bruce Timm era? Should I give it a go?