First Bill-And-Sookie Fight From True Blood Season 2

Take a sneak peek at the next season of True Blood. As usual, Bill "doesn't understand," Sookie's pissed (until she gets attacked by something supernatural), but it's still good to be back in Bon Temps.

It must be nice to date a vampire whom you can continue to piss off, time and time again.


I don't know how I feel about the baby vamp being back, but I'm loving the fact that Sookie is taking her under her wing, with her micro shorts and tube top. Are those blood tears, little Jessica? I don't even care about the Minotaur in the mist, I want more Bill-and-Sookie squabbling. Damn, I missed those two.

Season two of True Blood debuts on HBO on June 14th, which is entirely too long of a wait.

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I really dont like Anna Paquin for some reason, Tried liking her in Xmen, sry she just couldnt pull of Rouge

(who by the way should not be that much of a whinny helpless girl..full grown women and a body for days is how i remember rouge)

But in this show she is quite annoying. Its her voice, and that damn shame of an accent. Everyone else is fine on there, it just her that bothers me. now i got that off my chest,