First Battle: Los Angeles clips show a deadly alien ambush

The first ever clip for Battle: Los Angeles shows us exactly how "gritty" this feature will get. The small snippet of character dialog feels supremely authentic (for an alien invasion flick) — but can your stomach withstand the shaky-cam?

These recently released Battle: LA clips really demonstrate how far director Jonathan Liebesman went to keep this film grounded in reality. The soldier lingo and firefight shots certainly seem to back up the claims that this movie is Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day.


Battle: Los Angeles will be released in theaters on March 11th.

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Jesse Mrozowski

Dear Hollywood Foley Artists,

Most guns do not make noises like that when they are moved and certainly not an M-4. In fact if a gun started making that noise while being moved around I would begin to suspect something was broken, loose or otherwise damaged and would likely pull it apart to see what the problem is. If you are curious to know what sounds guns actually make and/or would like to record them give me a call, I'll let you record some of mine.