We just had our first thundering look at Batman v. Superman, and it really did give the feeling of a confrontation between demigods. Plus we saw our first look at Wonder Woman's costume! And we saw the Trinity, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, on stage together.

So the Warner Bros. panel started with some insane glimpses of concept art. The rooftops of Gotham City, Superman flying through flames, with an intense expression on his face, Batman standing in the rain on the dark rooftops, Batman with his batmobile, Superman running away from an alien spaceship, Superman carrying what looks like an injured Lois Lane, and Superman doing a three-point landing. Batman and Superman both looking hella intense and angry and kind of Frank Miller-esque.

And we saw a super brief glimpse of footage, in which Batman is on a rooftop, pulling a tarp off the Batsignal. In the rain, with a lot of moody visuals. And then Batman basically brute-forces a jury-rigged electronic mess and the signal lights up, making a giant bat-image in the clouds... out of which Superman appears. Batman's armor makes him look like a walking tank. His chinstrap is like a knight's. And then we see both Superman and Batman have glowing eyes and they're both pissssed.


Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot came out on stage and posed for pictures — and we saw an image of Wonder Woman's very Greek armor-looking costume!

Nice, right?