Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

This morning's spoilers include the first image of Keanu Reeves as Klaatu from the Day The Earth Stood Still remake, plus your daily allowance of Joker-isms, from a new Dark Knight trailer. Other clips include TV spots for X-Files 2 and the bad-science show Eleventh Hour, plus new promos for the animated DVDs Gotham Knight and Next Avengers. We dug up a few new precious Battlestar Galactica spoilers, including a tidbit about the final episode. And Naveen Andrews' predictions for how Lost will end probably won't surprise you. Also, there's compelling evidence for what may happen to the Doctor in Saturday's Doctor Who season finale. And finally, some Eureka and Middleman spoilers. It's all part of your morning spoiler detox.

Here's the first picture of Keanu Reeves as Klaatu in The Day The Earth Stood Still. Oddly enough, he looks just like Keanu Reeves. (Click to enlarge.) [ via New Film Dimension]


The Dark Knight:

Today's Joker-isms: "Does it depress you, how alone you really are?" (to Batman I guess) and: "You had plans. Look where that got you." Plus: "This town is mine now." They come from an exclusive Domino's Pizza trailer for The Dark Knight, which I guess you're only supposed to be able to see, on the Domino's site, if you order some really crappy pizza. But look, it's on Youtube:

X-Files: I Want To Believe

Here's a new TV spot for the second X-Files movie, which gives a few snippets of new footage. Including a body in a tank, for just a split second. [Shocktillyoudrop]

Battlestar Galactica:

A few new snippets about the rest of Battlestar Galactica season four from the Battlestar wiki: The next few episodes are rumored to be called "Sometimes A Great Notion," "The Disquiet That Follows My Soul," "The Oath," "Blood On The Scales," "No Exit," and "Someone To Watch Over Me." And Laura Roslin is still alive (or appearing as a ghost) by episode 15, "No Exit," judging from a call sheet.


Also, BSG was just filming some last-minute scenes in and around Kamloops, BC a couple of weeks ago - Kamloops was the setting for the Algae Planet in "The Eye Of Jupiter" and "Rapture." The scenes, believed to be from the series finale, required a lot of extras who were either clean-cut and athletic, or slim with long hair or dreadlocks. [Battlestar Wiki]


When castaway drama Lost finally ends, the ending will take place on the island, according to actor Naveen Andrews. [Hellhound's Lair]


Doctor Who:

Some tidbits from British magazine articles: "Casualties mount" in this Saturday's season finale, and prophecies abound that one of the Doctor's companions will die. (Also, doom is "predicted for Donna," says one magazine.) And the Doctor is "effectively out of action" after getting zapped. "Lots of questions will be answered," including questions about the Doctor and Rose, says producer Russell T. Davies. It's the story of "how far you would go to save the people you love, with the greatest loved one of all being the Doctor." [Blogtor Who and Spoiler TV]

And here are a few new pics from Saturday's episode. [Digital Spy]



An "official" press release announces that Robert "Trainspotting" Carlyle will be replace David Tennant as the Doctor in this Saturday's Doctor Who episode. He'll also appear in the Christmas special, but not in the 2009 specials, which will only feature Tennant. And then Carlyle will take over as the Doctor full time in 2010. The press release is supposedly embargoed until July 6, and it contains a couple of spelling errors... so it's probably not real. [Doctor Who Forum]

Oh, and is it significant that in his Doctor Who Confidential interview, it looks like David Tennant is wearing his costume, but has dyed his hair black? Does his regeneration just change his hair color??? [The Zen Room]

Meanwhile, I feel like I want to defend the honor of spoiler-wranglers here. A lot of websites and newspapers are saying that nobody predicted the Doctor would regenerate in last Saturday's episode. In fact, the idea of a "botched regeneration" happening in episode 12 has been floating around on message boards for months now, and morning spoilers mentioned it at least twice. Spoiler pride!


Eleventh Hour:

And here's a new trailer for Eleventh Hour, Jerry Bruckheimer's remake of the British show about a scientist who steps in at the last minute to stop abuses of science from going too far - with his sexy bodyguard at his side. [Spoiler TV again]

The Middleman:

In the July 21 episode of The Middleman, not only does a boy band (Varsity Fanclub) turn out to be a group of exiled intergalactic dictators - their foul-mouthed 14-year-old superfangirl turns out to be an alien warrior sent to prevent their escape from Earth. But then it emerges that if the girl's plan to prevent the boys from returning and wreaking havoc on their homeworlds succeeds, the Middleman's trusty Ida will be destroyed. [Middlefan]



Season three of genius-town comedy Eureka will be lighter than the tense season two, and the ongoing story arcs will be less blatant. The mortality rate in Eureka will remain three times the national average, but you won't see as many characters in hospital beds. You'll see a lot more gadgets and weird experiments, and glimpse more of the secrets of Global Dynamics. And this year's over-arching mystery may be smaller than the "artifact" was.

As the season begins, we'll get resolution on whether Henry will go to prison after being hauled off by the feds in the second season finale, and we'll get back the happy-go-lucky Henry from season one. We'll also get closure on whether Alison will say yes to Stark's marriage proposal, and the love triangle between Stark, Carter and Allison. Alison and Carter will be working together more closely, and they'll be like the town's Mulder and Scully.


The show also will introduce a new character, the Fixer (Frances Fisher), a corporate shark brought in by the government as an outside consultant, to make Global Dynamics more profitable. [Spoiler TV again]

Gotham Knight:

Here's a new featurette about the direct-to-DVD animated anthology Gotham Knight, showing how Batman has become "like Hamlet" due to dealing with his villains. Ohh kay then. But it still looks mighty purty. [Comic Book Resources]


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Next Avengers:

Do you care about Next Avengers, the direct-to-DVD movie about the kids of the Marvel Comics' Avengers superteam? If so, there's a new trailer, and the tracklisting for the official soundrack includes some spoilers. It sounds like Ultron creates his own version of the Avengers called the Iron Avengers, and the Next Avengers have to fight them. The Next Avengers also have to wake up the Hulk so he can help them fight Ultron. [Comic Book Movie]

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