First Astro Boy Trailer Brings The Robot Boot-Rocket Slipstream

The first trailer for Imagi's big-screen Astro Boy has gone up online, and it has everything. You get to glimpse the Frankenstein-esque electrical zaps that created Astro Boy, the robot who wants to be a real boy. And then Astro Boy shows off what he can do - flying and burrowing and finally smashing out of a mountain. Awesome. Now let's hope the whole thing is this sharp-looking, and the whole Pinnochio-bot thing doesn't get too old. Watch the trailer in HD at the link. [Moviefone]


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The action looks good but whats with the crappy rendering? Maybe I'm spoiled by Pixar but damn those guys need to go out and buy Renderman pronto!

Even Bolt ( which is under the Disney House but over seen by Lasseter ), Looks like its in Renderman ( because the Disney animation toolset probably didn't cut it and looking at their past 3D animated movies I would agree )