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First Adorable, Scientifically Inaccurate Trailer for The Good Dinosaur

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The first real trailer for Disney-Pixar’s long-awaited new movie The Good Dinosaur is here, although I feel like it should really be titled The Really Lucky Dinosaur, seeing as it’s a “what if?” tale where a certain asteroid never hit Earth and wiped them all out.

As for the film’s scientific inaccuracy, well, besides the whole missing extinction event, I sincerely doubt that mammals would evolved in the exact same manner with dinosaurs continuing to fill all the environmental niches. But it’s not like people take kids to see Pixar movies for educational purposes. Instead, they take them to be entertained, kept quiet for about two hours, and hear the latest Randy Newman song about friendship. All of which I imagine The Good Dinosaur will deliver in spades.


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Movies like this are the modern equivalents of fairy tales. It’s okay for fairy tales to be be magical and whimsical. People who insist on scientific accuracy in a movie like this are acting more childish then the children it is aimed to.

I mean, has anybody ever complained about the scientific accuracy of The Land Before Time?