First 8 minutes of True Blood rips the face off of these fairy creatures

True Blood is almost here. And just wait until you see what this season has in store for you. Watch as evil orc-faced creatures hurl magic grenades at Sookie! Check out the first eight minutes of the season premiere.

Also just released: this brand new commercial for the fourth season (with lots of never before seen clips).

And a very interesting vampire PSA from the folks at True Blood, — but be warned there are actors from the series talking in their regular voices about True Blood. Do not want.

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Honestly, I missed an episode a season and a half ago and realized that I didn't have the desire to catch up. I was actually ENDURING True Blood. I mean I LIKED the show's premise well enough. But more than not I was slogging through painful and unnecessary drama to get from each interesting story turn to the next.

I just didn't feel like getting back on the drama train if there was no real destination.

But this clip changes everything. The world building has increased 100 fold and I will even do the work of watching the intervening season and a half to get up to this point. This is the veiled world series I wanted and I'm happy to see that True Blood will take us in extremely different directions even if its core audience may not be into 'middle-high' fantasy.

I guess I'm back in.