Fireworks Looks Like a Sumptuous Time-Travel Anime Romance

A still from Fireworks, which will be out in July.
Photo: GKids
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If you could travel back in time and fix one of your biggest regrets, would you? It’s a pretty familiar question in scifi films, but Fireworks looks to explore it in a very new and exciting way—one that involves an object resembling a time-traveling Poké Ball.

From Genki Kawamura, who produced the magnificent Your Name, the upcoming Fireworks is about two high school students pining over the same girl. However, one finds a magical ball with the ability to send him back in time. He uses it, again and again, to try and fix the way things went between them. The film opens in July and io9 is excited to exclusively debut the new trailer.

The trailer has a beautiful, vibrant, youthful feel about it that makes the film seem like just the right mix of teen angst, romance, and absurdly wonderful time travel. On the other hand, the idea of a boy changing time to win the affections of a girl certainly feels a touch problematic. Having not seen the movie, we aren’t sure how that plays out, but the trailer at least feels like there’s much more to the relationships than that, and that the characters are all given equal weight and consideration in the story.


GKIDS will premiere Fireworks as a special Fathom event on July 3, with encore screenings July 5 and 7. The movie will then get a theatrical release by GKIDS starting July 4. For more on Fireworks, click here.

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