Firefly's Original Writers Return To The 'Verse With New Classic Tales

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It's not as good as a new season of Firefly on television, but it's still cause for celebration — a new anthology will feature original tales from TV series writers Jane Espenson, Jose Molina, Brett Matthews and Ben Edlund.


We mentioned the anthology a while back, but new details have emerged. According to Whedonesque, here are the original Firefly tales by the show's writers:

Fun With Dick And Jayne by Ben Edlund
What Holds Us Down by Jane Espenson
Crystal by Brett Matthews
Take The Sky by Jose Molina


And apparently "Fun With Dick And Jayne" will be an illustrated story. And according to Bleeding Cool, the book will also feature:

memories from the cast and crew, a tribute to the Browncoats, and even a feature on Nathan Fillion's legendary practical jokes, Still Flying is illustrated throughout with a wealth of rare and previously unpublished images, including storyboards, production design art and candid behind-the-scenes photos – including an on-set shot of the last ever scene filmed for Firefly.

They can't take this show from us.

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*Does a happy dance*