Illustration for article titled emFireflys/em Jayne joins the cast of Michael Bays postapocalyptic boat show

The planet is dying — and all that remains is a single U.S. Navy ship. Can the Last Crew on Earth salvage the future of the human race? That's the premise of Michael Bay's new post-apocalyptic show Last Ship. (We posted some huge, exclusive spoilers for this show here.)


According to Deadline, Firefly and Chuck co-star Adam Baldwin has been cast to play the ship's number two — replacing Lost's man in black, Titus Welliver. Which... those are two very different styles of performance — it should be interesting to see how Baldwin changes the character. The ships captain is Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy). We're still trying to wrap our head around the premise, which is loosely based on a nuclear-war novel by William Brinkley.


Fingers crossed for a song-filled Navy escapade.

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