If you somehow don't already own Firefly on blu-ray then today is your day. It'll look great next to the Firefly card game, Firefly board game, and Firefly graphics novels we've had recent deals on. [Firefly, $17]

Want a Playstation 4? Waiting for an E3 price drop that isn't coming? Waiting for a new bundle announced at E3, the possibility of which is 50-50 at best? Stop waiting and get $30 off a Playstation 4 today, plus no tax depending on your state and free shipping. [Playstation 4, $370]

One of the 12 best games on the iPad , the first episode of the excellent Republique is available free of charge today. [Republique, FREE]

You may have been putting off playing Ground Zeroes because of its length and terrible ending, but as a Metal Gear fan, you know in the end you don't really have a choice. The good news is that there's quite a bit of engaging content to take in beyond the base story, and you can grab it for any platform for 20 bucks today. [Ground Zeroes, $20]

The Xbox One has had its problems, but the controller is not one of them. Now that you can officially use it on your PC , pick one up on Amazon for $10 off. [Xbox One Wireless Controller, $50]

Whether you're using it as a TV, or a super-dense computer monitor, $399 for a 4K Seiki display is insane. [Seiki 39" 4K TV, $399]

Come on, you know you want one of these. This Phantom includes a 720p camera, but you can of course attach your own GoPro, if you want some higher quality footage. [DJI Phantom, $435]

If your iTunes balance is running dry, here's a nice chance to top it off. All you have to do is purchase two iTunes gift cards on Target, and one of them will receive a 30% discount. That's equivalent to a 15% discount overall, which is par for the course on iTunes deals. [Buy One iTunes Card, Get a Second 30% Off]

These unbelievably-affordable Bluetooth headphones will only set you back $19 today, and feature 20 hours of playback time, a built-in mic, and even noise cancellation. [SoundBot Bluetooth Headphones, $19]

Paying a little up front for a great toothbrush is worth it if it helps you avoid cavities down the road. I've been using this Sonicare for years, and I always get compliments from my dentist. $10 off today with a coupon. [Sonicare Essence Toothbrush, $30 with $10 Coupon]

There are a multitude of Amazon extensions out there, none of which we think very highly of, but here's one you can grab 5 bucks for installing (and immediately uninstalling thereafter). Amazon is offering $5 off the first $25+ purchase you make using their 1Button app before June 30. [1Button]

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