Firefly Meets Alien In This Webcomic About A Spacefaring Service Rig

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You've heard it before: a ragtag spaceship crew lives on the fringes of civilization, making enough money to just keep flying. But when the mechanics in this webcomic take a shady government job, they may have to work with their enemies against a mysterious and sinister force.

Creator/writer Sal Crivelli and artist Nicolás R. Giacondino's webcomic Flight of the Binturong takes us to a future run by a highly bureaucratic (and not terribly efficient) government where it's getting tougher and tougher to be a mechanic. Years ago, Tom Harris and Jacob Shaw took their revolutionary new spaceship designs to the government, without first going through the powerful corporation NAV Corp—a disaster that left the pair penniless and imprisoned. Now, they're mechanics in a universe where ships are increasingly capable of self-repair.

It looks like their fortunes might be changing, however, when a military officer and a NAV Corp bigwig show up with a job offer: if the crew of the Binturong helps them retrieve an advanced starship gone missing, they'll have permanent jobs, pensions and all. But they're not the only ones after that ship—and something went very, very wrong before it went adrift.


Crivelli and Giacondino have created an action/adventure webcomic that mixes space western and horror while remaining a very character-driven drama. Everyone, from the captain of the Binturong to the grumbling military officer feels like a fully realized person, with histories and opinions (and more than a little snark) clearly rooted in the comic's world. In fact, it's easy for the comic's creepiness to sneak up on the reader as we try to puzzle out all of the intriguing characters and their motivations. But don't worry, there will be plenty of horrors by the time the comic's done.

[Flight of the Binturong]

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At first I read the title as "Firefly Meets Alien In This Webcomic About A Spacefaring Service Pig." Rereading it left me disappointed.