If you want to snaz up your rumpus room with a retro-pop science fiction look, your options have been limited to old posters from The Day The Earth Stood Still or glow-in-the-dark stickers. But now you can have install actual vintage-looking rockets, from Cool Rockets. They obsess over details in their rocket designs, making sure they capture that old-school feeling of Tom Swift gee whizzery.

I have one of their Big Boy rocket lamps sitting on my desk, and it not only helps inspire me to think up a new triviagasm every day, it also helps hold down my errant papers. Artist Jeff Brewer, who also works in special effects, designs the rockets and coldcasts them by hand before painting them and making sure you'll get your own unique piece of atomic-era wonder delivered to your doorstep. But a word of warning: They don't play well with kids, according to the instructions for the Big Boy Mark II.


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